Looking for someone to clean up grammatical errors and catch those pesky inconsistencies that can creep into a manuscript? Even the best writers need someone to edit their work. So let’s work together to get your manuscript in the best shape possible.

What do I offer?

My services are tailored specifically toward writers of creative non-fiction, academic texts, reports and white papers, grant applications and much more.

I focus on two types of editing:

Copy-editing focuses on three core elements of good writing.

  1. Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accuracy of facts
  2. Clarity in language and logic, removal of ambiguity
  3. Consistency of word choice, spelling, capitalization, plot, etc.

Line or stylistic editing focuses on some of the more stylistic elements of writing.

  1. Clear sentence structure and flow, word choice and meaning
  2. Consistent style and tone of voice
  3. Smooth transitions, language, and wording

**Developmental or structural editing- coming soon

What you will get from me

  1. Fully edited document with tracked changes and comments
  2. Commentary document with tracked changes implemented with only comment boxes showing for easier review
  3. Clean document with all tracked changes implemented and comment boxes removed
  4. Style sheet containing most of the major editorial decisions

Ready to get started? Get in touch with me here.